Try one of our leisure trails this fall

Trying one of our leisure trails is a perfect activity that suits both the family and the gang. Below you will find some tips on accommodation facilities that are connected to the cycle paths. We also suggest a few different bike trails that have many sights along the way.

You find all our leisure trails here. 

Trail around Svansjön Tysslingen
Length: 32 km
Difficulty: Green
Time required: 2-3.5 h
Height meter: 40 m

The historic ride
Distance: 47 km
Difficulty: Blue
Time required: 3-5 hours
Height meter: 210 m

All of our trails in Karlskoga start at Alfred Nobel's square and are marked with blue signs with a bicycle on. The bike trail Hyttleden takes you on a historical tour. The trail passes both old mountain farms, cabins and mining holes.

Trails in Karlskoga


Discover cool minefields along the river Åmmelången
Length: 28 km
Difficulty: Green
Time required: 1.5-3 hours
Height meter: 210 m

Try the exciting trail that goes around Lake Åmmelången. Along the way you find several interesting mines. Among other things, the trail passes Vena Mines, which is one of the most visible mining fields in the Lerbäck rock range where cobalt and copper have been mined.

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