Book a cycling experience in the Bergslagen Cycling area

Woods on wheels in Tiveden

Meet the magical forests of Tivedens by bike with full pension in guest room.

From SEK 1395 pppdBook →

Bike in, bike out in Pershyttan

Centuries of exciting history and miles of gravel or MTB trails outside the door.

Two nights from SEK 1450 ppBook →

Adrenaline and relaxation

Discover the fantastic landscape of Tiveden on MTB from Aspa manor.

Two nights from SEK 2500 ppBook →

Ride and enjoy in Lerbäck

Undulating gravel and untouched waters in Tylöskogen and Tiveden.

Four nights from SEK 4750 ppBook →

Cycle in two national parks

Discover Tiveden, Vättern and Kilsbergen on MTB or gravel.

Seven nights from SEK 7995 ppBook →

Art and nature in Kumla

Exciting MTB cycling in a historical area with a burning hill turned into an art park.

One night from SEK 895 ppBook →

Biking in ancient forest in Tiveden

Enjoy beautiful lakes and rough forests from Hamgården.

Four nights from SEK 4700 ppBook →

MTB days in Ånnaboda

Discover the wild nature of Kilsbergen from a cozy cottage.

One night from SEK 1195 ppBook →

Paus i Bergslagen

A pause close to nature

Koppla av i Bergslagens sagolika natur med boende på Åkerby herrgård.

One night from SEK 1900:-Boka →


Nyhyttan MTB adventure

Discover Hjulsjö, Pershyttan and Nyhyttan, with trails outside the door.

Two nights from SEK 1890 ppBook →


Bike in Nora Bergslag

Bike or hike two or three days from Åkerby herrgård.

Two nights from SEK 1900 ppBook →

Discover Malingsbo – Kloten

Bike in one of Swedens largest nature reserves, among deep forests and wild life.

From SEK 1850 ppBook →