Mountain Bike Trails

The trails are marked with special MTB signs with numbers and color codes. Green, blue, red and black indicate difficulty. Green is the easiest and black is the hardest.

In the example above, the number indicates trail no 2. The color blue indicates the level of difficulty.

If two trails of the same color are followed, the sign has only one square with the right color and no number. As soon as the trail separates again, the right number reappears. Check for signs in all crossroads. They can easily be missed if your speed is too high.

Nice to have

Sometimes signs disappear from the trail and to prevent the wrong way, we recommend you downloading the GPX files to your GPS or to your phone. The GPX file for each trail is located under each trail information.

You find all mountain bike trails here.


Leisure and roadbike trails

Some of our leisure trails have labeling and others don’t. The signage differs from area to area. The best you can do is to follow the map or download the GPS file for the route you selected. Roadbike routes have no signs. Please use a map or download the GPS files.

External link

GPS files for the rent managers.

External link

GPS files for the Roadbike trails.