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Family friendly
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Flat and short trail for the youngest cyclists. A little adventure in the forest behind the Gruvlyckan playground, which got its look from the old mining buildings in Pershyttan.

In the old days, the children worked in this place instead of playing. Among other things, they sorted stones to find those with a lot of iron in them. They found them by feeling the weight and looking at the appearance. An iron-rich rock is heavier than a regular rock of the same size. You may see some red in the stone as well. Then you have found a stone with Bergslagen's "gold" in it.

To get the iron out, the stone is ground down in a kind of mill called an enrichment plant. What remains when the iron has been removed is a gray sand called slag. You can see it here and there in Pershyttan. Among other things, where you are going to cycle.

The children who worked instead of playing at least had to work above ground. The fathers, on the other hand, had to climb long ladders down into one of the deep mines. It was a cold, dark and dangerous job.

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